Stop Chasing Leads and Start Attracting Them Instead!
Discover How to Manifest
Clients You LOVE, in 5 Days or Less!
Stop Chasing Leads and
Start Attracting Them Instead!
Discover How to Manifest Clients You LOVE, in 5 Days or Less!
Join us inside for this FREE 5-day bootcamp where we reveal the step-by-step system to attracting ideal clients every single month (even if you’re an introvert and hate selling).
Online Marketing Doesn't Have to Be So Hard or Complicated!
 In just 5 short days, discover how to attract your soulmate clients with ease so you can make the impact + income you deserve WITHOUT wasting all your time building pointless fancy funnels that lead to zero dollars AND without getting burned out from energy vampire clients that make you want to quit your business!

Your Bootcamp Begins August 23rd at 11am PST!
Are you ready to manifest clients you LOVE?
Discover How to Attract Soulmate Clients with Ease So You Can Make a Bigger Impact + Income (without expensive ads or complicated funnels).
  • No more stressing about where to find your next client (or settling for bargain-hunter clients who don't see your value)
  • ​Identify EXACTLY who your perfect client avatar is and how to speak directly to them (this will 10x your sales conversion process!)
  • ​Discover how to use Attraction Marketing so you're no longer chasing clients (yay to eliminating that icky "salesy" feel)
  • Manifest an abundance of clients who NEED your services now (so you can cherry-pick the ideal clients you love!)
  • ​No more wasting countless hours on complicated tech or fancy funnels (discover the short-cuts that will simplify + amplify your client attraction process)
You're a Solopreneur
You're building your business on your own and want to invest your time the Smart Way so you see results sooner without all the extra stress.
You're an Introvert
You're used to being the "behind-the-scenes" girl but you're getting that universal nudge to step up because you know you're not here to play small.
You're a Coach or Trainer
You're a heart-centered service-based business owner & you're ready to make the bigger impact + income but you're overwhelmed with where to start.
What others are saying after working with Meghan and Andy
“Working with Meghan has been one of the best choices in my life!
I’ve never felt so understood and empowered!”
~Lisa P.
“From the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you do!! I now have a huge advantage over where I was two months ago!”
~Misti J.
"Thank you for all the wonderful advice. For me the best advice was don't make this complicated!!! Thank you again!!
~Alyssa M.
Meet Your Hosts: Meghan and Andy Clor
Stressed Multi-Million Dollar Producer Turned Time-Freedom Business Coach, Meghan Clor, helps overwhelmed business owners work smarter, not harder, to grow their businesses online.

After going from stressed success and suffering from Superwoman Syndrome to having a business that operates even better when she’s out enjoying life (a concept foreign to most business owners), Meghan’s passionate about helping other entrepreneurs achieve the same work-life balance.

Meghan’s the founder of The Smart Growth Method, a proprietary coaching system that provides busy entrepreneurs with a simplified business plan that saves them time and money while also eliminating the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck playing small.

She has worked with companies in industries spanning from real estate, life coaching, professional speaking, and business development. She’s helped save and earn her clients tens of thousands of extra dollars through implementing her Smart Growth strategies.

She’s been invited to speak on motivation and business growth for Inc 500 companies, top producing business teams, and more. Her down-to-earth nature combined with her savvy ability to cut through the BS holding most business owners back makes it easy to relate and work with Meghan.

Her belief is business growth shouldn’t be so hard or complicated.

By working with Meghan, you’ll break right through those roadblocks and create a business you love without the extra stress or wasted time. If you’re ready to build or scale your business in months instead of years, Meghan’s coaching and mentoring will get you there!

Marketing expert and web developer, Andy Clor helps businesses and entrepreneurs get more clients through highly converting websites, search engine optimization, engaging ads, and targeted social media marketing strategies.

He’s the founder of Artistik Designs, a custom web development and graphic design firm which provides done-for-you services to busy entrepreneurs ranging from website design and marketing to social media management plus everything in between.

Artistik Designs has been the leader in marketing and web designs since 2004 and their clients range from start-up mom and pop shops to multi-million dollar corporations.. The business and marketing fundamentals are all still the same no matter which level of business you’re currently in.

Andy’s passionate about helping start-up entrepreneurs, especially young adults, with shortening the learning curve involved with growing a business. He’s even helped fund scholarships for young-adults eager to gain a higher education in business.

When it comes to building your brand and marketing your business online, Andy and his team have got you covered!

An important business fundamental Andy believes in is, “In order to become the 1%, you must do what the other 99% won’t!”
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